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Mare owner agrees to pay a stud fee of $500.00 for service to the Jack listed above.

1. The breeding and container deposit fee must be paid prior to shipment of semen.

2. Breeding fee includes 2 collections of semen. If additional collections are required there will be a $75.00 collection processing fee which must be paid prior to delivery of semen.

3. The container deposit fee is $40.00. The deposit will be refunded when the mare becomes pregnant or the breeding of the mare has halted and the container has been returned in usable condition. The refund will be less any shipping fees incurred.

4. Braymoore Stables owner will not be held responsible for cost incurred by mare owner in the event of delayed/lost shipments.

5. In the event the mare fails to conceive after breeding though three heat cycles Braymoore Stables offers the following options. Both options listed below must be used within 24 months of the first date of service.

A. A return breeding will be granted (without additional stud fees) for the same mare if the mare been found to be reproductively sound.

B. If mare is found not reproductively sound a substitute mare may be used.

6. Live foal guarantee. Live foal guarantee means the foal is born alive, stands, and nurses. It is understood that if the mare proves barren, aborts the fetus or the foal is stillborn. A return season will be guaranteed the following year only. Provided proper notification is given. (proper notification shall be defined as: written notice by a licensed veterinarian within (7) day that the mare has aborted fetus or produced a non-viable foal).

7. This contract is non transferable. If contract is not used with in 2 subsequent years this breeding contract is null and void.

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